Collection Autumn / Winter 2014 H & M Studio will be available worldwide in September, including Indonesia. For H & M collection was exhibited at the Paris Studio Fashion Week in February 2014, only one will be available in stores in Jakarta, namely in Grand Indonesia.

"Compared to other outlets in Jakarta, Grand Indonesia most likely to add to this new collection," said Karina Soegarda, Public Relations H & M Studio, told Compass Female, at H & M Showroom Studio Jakarta, Wednesday (06/18/2014).

Inspired by the bohemian style of the 21st century women are carefree and classy, ​​this new collection featuring fashion style casual but charming. In this collection, feminine shades reunited with the masculine style with varying solid match. Collection of men's blazers, biker jackets and pilot jacket can be paired with tops and dresses berdraperi.

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Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design, New Development Studio H & M, said, graceful and feminine clothing for women cheerful confidence describe freedom of choice and bohemia soul on this new collection.

What are the options of clothing? You can mix and match style with a slip dress, biker jackets, tops and trousers berdraperi, pilot jackets, artificial fur coat with stitching patches, wide trousers, knitted cashmere.

For accessories as equivalent, this collection provides the boots with the right taper low or high in metallic leather or skin patches. There are also shoes with

back open (mule), and cap trimmed with artificial fur.

About the color, autumn / winter fashion is synonymous with dark colors. Therefore, black, navy blue, khaki, gray, dominate this collection. Even so, there are neutral and bright colors began to off-white, beige, and pink bubble gum color accents and a bold zebra pattern.

The selection of material and detail are two things stand out in this collection. To slip dress made of silk crepe and chiffon. While some collections using shiny leather, leather made to look worn, or metallic leather, artificial fur besides materials. Belundru become a mainstay material for tops, dresses and evening dress accents on sweatpants. There is also a fine cashmere soft, giving the impression of invisibility on tank tops, sweaters and dresses.

In some dresses and tops, this collection uses sequin detail and rocks. Applications other details are knitted lace, corduroy material and grosgrain, asymmetrical seams, as well as the effects of complex fillings.

Interestingly, the collection autumn / winter which refers to conditions in other countries is also available in a choice of thin clothing are more suited to the climate in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the other thick clothing made can be used in certain circumstances to adjust its activities in Indonesia.

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