Prince Andrew’s daughter Princess Beatrice, 25, dressed in a floral number by couturier Nicholas Oakwell for the Serpentine Summer Party — and took him as her walker.

‘Beatrice told me she has been “watching” me for the last few months and approached me, asking me if I would dress her for the party,’ says Oakwell, whose clients include Dame Helen Mirren and Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer.

‘So she came around and chose one of the dresses from my latest collection. She is a very pretty girl. She asked me to accompany her to the party. She is very hard-working, and rushed to me for a speedy fitting in her lunch break.’

Summer style: Beatrice, left, and sister Eugenie

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Summer style: Beatrice, left, and sister Eugenie

Beatrice, who started an internship at Sony Pictures Television’s London HQ in January and is in a long-term relationship with Virgin Galactic businessman Dave Clark, tells me: ‘I don’t have time for summer holidays this year, and luckily the weddings have finally calmed down.’

No word on whether she has to return the dress.

Other guests included Gary Lineker’s wife Danielle, sporting a new tattoo in the form of a misshapen triangle, and potter Grayson Perry, dressed in one of his customary colourful outfits.

They may be the property of the Crown, but an increasing number of swans are being attacked by yobs or savaged by pet dogs.

The Queen’s official swan counter David Barber, who is in charge of the birds’ welfare, warns that they are under grave threat.

‘Vandalism remains a major cause of death and injury in the mute swan population, with shootings and dog attacks increasing in frequency,’ he says. Last year, one of the birds was found killed and barbecued on the riverbank near Windsor Castle. As part of his role as Swan Marker, Barber will carry out the annual Upping ceremony — a census of the mute swan population on a particular stretch of the Thames — later this month.

‘Fishing tackle also poses a potentially fatal threat to young cygnets and adult birds and can result in great distress and suffering,’ he adds.

‘All cygnets and parent birds are checked for injuries during Swan Upping week and treated accordingly.’

Swans are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and killing or injuring them used to be classed as treason.

Blame it on the banana. Andy Murray’s loss of form at Wimbledon is being attributed to his fondness for the fruit by Bristol nutritionist George Cooper.

Last year, Murray, following warnings from Cooper, cut back on bananas and won. This year, he admitted he occasionally eats a banana with a bagel for breakfast.

Cooper, author of Be Your Own Nutritionist, believes that bananas are hard to digest and contain too much fibre for the quick burst of energy a tennis player needs.

He says: ‘He ate the wrong breakfast and ran out of steam.’

After Rolf Harris was arrested for 12 indecent assaults over three decades, his friend Bill Oddie was quick to leap to his defence.

‘I was upset for Rolf Harris, who I know reasonably well, and I’m a great admirer of him,’ the 72-year-old comedian said in an interview published in April. ‘He’s a very interesting, talented person. It’s pretty ghastly for him, considering the age he is . . . it’s horrible.'

Yesterday, however, Oddie was less forthcoming. His agent said he was ‘not available to comment’ on Harris’s conviction.

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