Saturdays starlet Mollie King is back with another stellar edit of Oasis goodies, landing on Thursday March 26, and we want it all! She's become a FROW-regular on the London Fashion Week circuit and we’re constantly crushing on her red carpet looks, so it’s no surprise high street hotspot Oasis has hooked-up with her once again. The second Loved by Mollie drop – an exclusive edit of her favourite spring pieces – lands this week, and it’s packed full of buys to bring your wardrobe into the new season, from trenches and jumpsuits to palazzo pants and gorgeous frocks. We’ve already got a shopping list as long as Karlie Kloss’ legs, and with the last lot selling in record time, there’s no hanging around. We caught up with the lady herself to chat high street fashion, dressing for date night and plates of spag bol…

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We love your edit Mollie. What’s your fave piece?

Probably the khaki coat, it’s a really nice sort of spring summer jacket that you can just throw over an outfit, and I really love the colour.

Have you always been an Oasis fan?

Definitely. Ever since I was old enough to shop in high street shops Oasis was always one of my favourites. The collaboration came about because I wore so much Oasis! It’s affordable but aspirational as well. It’s feminine and classy, so I'm excited to do another edit. It’s a girls dream day – you’re surrounded by clothes, and you get to pick out your favorites and style them

Which looks will you be championing this season?

I love wide leg trousers, they’re really cool. Look for a high waisted pair with a heel or a wedge. I always go for little shift dresses um and there’s two in this collection. I love the black and white striped one it's great for day and night. .

What would you wear for:

Date night?

Ooo date night? Probably the black and white stripy dress because it’s sophisticated and I always think on date night you shouldn’t put too much out there, you’ve got to keep them wanting more. The dress shows a little bit of leg, without showing it all!

Lunch with the girls?

For a more casual day vibe I’d go for the bold navy block colour striped dress.

Hitting the red carpet?

I’d say the most glam piece is the pink dress. It would be ideal for a wedding too.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

I love Brigitte Bardot and Victoria Beckham. Victoria just always looks so chic and she’s always so on trend.

Tell us about your biggest fashion faux pas?

There was a moment with the Saturday’s and we hadn’t been together that long and it was the High School Musical 3 premiere and we just looked like we were wearing bin bags. It was really quite tragic.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t get too hung up on the trend and wear what suits you. But on the other hand, clothes are not a tattoo so if you get it wrong one day it’s not the end of the world. Experiment, don’t get stuck in a rut.

You’ve been working some quite bold beauty looks recently. What inspired the change?

It feels different when you’re going on your own and you don’t have to coordinate with four other girls. It gives me the opportunity to take more risks and just experiment. I’ll be inspired by things on the catwalk or in so its just getting to a point where I feel confident enough to do it. And you know, if people don’t like it then that’s fine, you know your never going to win everyone’s approval.

What’s next for the Saturdays?

We’re going back in the studio to do another album at the end of the year so it should be good fun.

As a pop star and model, the pressure must be on to look good. How do you stay in shape?

I do try and go to the gym when I can but I think it’s important that you treat yourself. I love dessert, so I might go for something like light fish then have a fondant after. I think you can have everything in moderation. Anything chocolatey is my guilty pleasure. And spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread.

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