On April 18, 2015, Examiner.com was on the red carpet for the world premiere of "Mojave" at the Tribeca Film Festival. The screening was held at the School of Visual Arts Theater in New York City. The film was directed and written by William Monahan. He is probably best known for writing "The Departed" and he also wrote "The Gambler" which starred Mark Wahlberg. The film was produced by William Green, William Monahan, Justine Suzanne Jones and Aaron Ginsburg. It was executive produced by Andy Horwitz, Nick Quested, and Jason Spire. "Mojave" stars Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Mark Wahlberg, Walton Goggins, and Dania Ramirez. The film's running time is 92 minutes. Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Louise Bourgoin and William Monahan walked the red carpet at the premiere and were honored to be presenting the film at Tribeca. Star Wars fans camped outside of the premiere to get photos and autographs from Oscar. He seemed in awe of all the love that he is receiving.

"Mojave" is an intense, classical thriller about a brilliant artist, Thomas (Hedlund), who attempts to escape his privileged existence into the desert only to encounter a homicidal drifter, Jack (Isaac). The chase moves from the spectacular vistas of the American desert to a noir Los Angeles, culminating in a vortex of criminality and brutality as Thomas emerges as an equally dangerous opponent. The film will be playing Sunday, April 19 at 9:15 p.m. at Regal Battery Park, Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Regal Battery Park and Friday, April 24 at 9:30 p.m. at Regal Battery Park. The Tribeca Film Festival is presented by AT&T, American Express, Bombay Sapphire Gin, IWC Schaffhausen, The Lincoln Motor Company, and United Airlines.

Garrett Hedlund, Louise Bourgoin and Oscar Isaac attend the premiere of 'Mojave' during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival at the SVA Theater on April 18, 2015 in New York City.

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Read what Oscar Isaac had to say about his latest film below:

How do you choose your roles?

For me, it's a little bit like falling in love. You don't really know why something moves you. For me, generally, it's when something is idiosyncratic, when it's a character that has unusual traits. It's a psychological state of mind that I've never experienced. Those tend to be things that attract me and make me want to be part of the project.

Speak about your journey. Did you hear a lot of "No's" over your career?

A lot, yeah. A lot of no's ... I've been doing this for 16 years maybe, since I've graduated school. It's been steady and slowly getting more parts and for me, it's just been, obviously, an incredible honor and so happy that I'm having these opportunities.

Speak about working with writer/director Bill Monahan? He's brilliant.

He is. He's got such a wild mind and he pulls from so many different sources, so well read and so literate and as an actor, it's very rare that, particularly in film, you get to use this kind of language. When I was reading that script, I would see pages of monologue and very dense and esoteric and taking from the Bible and Shakespeare and then Herman Melville and so to be able to wrap my mind around a character that's so mythical in some ways and it's not naturalism. That's a fun thing to explore in film.

Speak about going head to head with Garrett. Tell me about the relationship between your two characters.

Garrett, personally, is one of my dearest friends and I've known him for a very long time and we did "Inside Llewyn Davis" together and so to be able to go head to head, like you said, was just so much fun because we're constantly goofing around, but at the same time, really pushing each other to go to strange and new places.

How did you get involved?

It was a while back, Bill Monahan sent the script over and I read it and I just thought I really fell in love with this character of Jack. It was something that I'd never done before. It was a very surrealistic character. In some ways, a larger than life character and then to embody these wild words and thoughts that bill put together was really fun.

Were there any new challenges in this role compared to any others that you've had in contrast before?

Yeah, each one is a set of its own challenges. This one, the language was pretty intense. There was a lot of language to get through and so to imbue that with meaning, but also to keep it moving and flowing, that was definitely it.

Louise Bourgoin

Tell us about your character.

I play a French girl who wants to be an actress in America and I'm the girlfriend of Garrett Hedlund and it's a dark thriller, dark movie, amazing movie and I really loved to play with Garrett and Oscar. They're so professional and nice and it was my first experience in America.

Have you done a lot of French cinema?

Yeah, I'm an actress for 5 years and I played in 15 films, but only French.

What was it like working with William Monahan ?

Really easy. He gave me self-confidence. He was really friendly, also, so I was at ease.

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