Zena Presley is just breaking into the Dubai fashion scene and has been relatively unknown until now. Her anonymity is rapidly changing though, as her undeniable talent assures that she won’t stay hidden for long. Her debut collection is remarkable not only for its bold colors, but also because it marks a very distinctive style. The moment that you see one of Ms. Presley’s pieces, you know immediately that it is her design, as there is simply nothing else like it on the fashion scene.

Born in Syria, Zena Presley now lives in Dubai, where she has based her eponymous fashion label. Her passion for art is translated into fresh clothing designs in a unique and fabulous way that enables women to be bold and daring as they express their individuality.

Zena Presley
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The Zena Presley brand is marketed as an “art inspired clothing line featuring collaborations with artists from around the world,” with good reason. Each and every piece of Ms. Presley’s designs begins with a work of art created by a painter. She breathes life into each painting, which inspires her to create an image that flows freely and is brought to life in her clothing designs.

In creating the designs in her debut collection, Zena Presley commissioned pieces from some of the world’s most famous artists and then transformed them into prints for her clothing brand. Among the artists whose work Ms. Presley used for her latest collection are award-winning painter Peter Pharoah from South Africa; watercolor artist Rachel Parker; Caribbean painter Jonathan Gladding; and sculptor/ painter Kalvin Zane of Rwanda.

She also used work from Shanequa Gay, who is known for her depictions of life in the American South. Some of Ms. Gay’s paintings are in the private collections of several celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, musician/ songwriter Leon Russell and celebrity event planner Preston Bailey.

Zena Presley’s Fall/ Winter 2015 collection was inspired by the cultures of Africa. In creating the compilation, she sought to share the stories of Africa in a vivid way that illustrates the ongoing struggles in many parts of the continent, the tales of survival and the hope that remains alive among the people of Africa despite these struggles.

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