It's been a long time since former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly threw down in the ring, but luckily for fans, she's about to give everyone an update on her life outside of the wrestling world when she makes her reality TV debut on E!'s new series, "WAGS."

That's right -- Former wrestling star Kelly Kelly will soon be gracing everyone's television screens once again. But this time around, she's letting fans in on her day-to-day life as Barbie Blank (her real name), the soon-to-be wife of NHL star Sheldon Souray.

Fans may remember Barbie back in her heyday at WWE, but a lot has changed in the reality newbie's life since then. Fashion & Style recently had the opportunity to find out more about Barbie and all she's been up too since she said goodbye to the ring.

Barbie Blank

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Check out our list of the top five things we never knew about the former wrestling diva below:

5. She's a movie buff: I love going to the movie theater by myself and watching 3 movies in a row!

4. She's getting married soon: "The date is January 30th and it's a destination wedding. The planning so far has been so great and easy maybe a little too easy... I just haven't let myself get stressed about it I've just had fun with it. My wedding planner has been amazing. We actually just sent out the save the dates so I'm just taking things a day at a time and following a schedule of things that need to be done by a certain time and letting myself enjoy the process!" she told us, adding Sheldon has been helping a lot with planning too. "My fiancé has been helpful where the guys want to help which is picking the cake and finding his and the groomsmen tuxes. He's great though when I bring him ideas he gives me his opinion and that helps out a lot because I want him to have the wedding of his dreams also!"

3. She's an expert at balancing her career and personal life: "I've always been able to find balance when I'm working, being on the road 300 days a year with WWE definitely taught me a thing or two about that. I just love to be working and doing something I love so planning a wedding, filming a reality show and working on my new fitness venture has kept me busy and I love it!"

2. She has a cool new fitness program coming out soon: "I'm a co-founder for this new lifestyle fitness brand called Lynx. It's a bunch of different elements combined into a total lifestyle brand from workouts and apparel to meal plans," she revealed. "My favorite part of the workouts involve friction training with an exercise board which gives you a full body workout. I also do a bikini calendar every year so I'm almost done shooting that, it will be out soon."

1. Sometimes she misses WWE: "I do miss performing for the fans! That feeling that you get when you walk through the curtain is unlike anything I had ever felt. It's the greatest feeling to have people chanting your name, supporting you and telling you they want to be just like you when they grow up!"

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