From the chirping of love birds to the quacking of ducks and a cluster of kadaknath (karinkozhi), this small farm situated in the residential compound of Muhammed Tariq and his family at Beypore, is bustling with activities.

Tariq, a professional fashion designer, ventured into poultry farming, especially, of kadaknath two years ago and he has begun to reap in the profits. Tariq says, “I bought 15 kadaknath chicks from a person in Thrissur.” “With active support from my family, the farm has grown and we are now able to sell eggs and chicks on a regular basis,” he says, adding that “after coming to know the medicinal value of the birds, a lot of people come to buy them.”

A professional fashion designer, Muhammed Tariq has successfully ventured into poultry farming two years ago and he has begun to reap in profits

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The bird also known as black meat chicken, unlike the traditional hen, lays egg only once or twice in a week. However, an egg fetches `50 and a one-month-old chick sells for around `400. “The full grown rooster attains a weight of around 2.5 kilogram and can fetch between `700 to `800 for one kilogram of meat. But we do not usually sell meat. We focus on selling chicks aged one month or above along with the eggs. Besides, we are also now planning to hit the market under a brand name,” he says.A total of three varieties of black meat chicken - jet black, pencil and golden are being grown on the farm. To hatch the eggs, he uses two methods - incubator and the natural process using hens of local strain.

Besides, chicken, the farm is also home to a lesser known variety of duck called Khaki Campbell.

Different varieties of love birds including Bengal Finch and Zebra Finch, and ornamental fishes are also being farmed on a commercial basis with organic vegetables.

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