It is one of the world's most recognisable clothing brands, with outlets showcasing its luxury wares in dozens of countries around the world.

But Ted Baker called on the help of a small North Devon-based surfboard manufacturer to launch its latest venture in Malibu.

Gulf Stream Surfboards was approached by Ted Baker head Ray Kelvin to help design and produce a range of boards for its new California store.

It opened on Friday with the company's custom-made boards taking centre stage in its shop front.

Gulf Stream Surfboards

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Jose Walker, who helped to create the designs for the boards, said: "The funny thing is although we are a small business we do work with quite a mixed bag of people throughout the world and design industry.

"We have done collaborations before; just putting their logos on boards for them to use but nothing like this."

Working with members of Ted Baker's design team in London, the company worked to produce the boards over the summer. In particular, the company used fabrics to create a number of designs – mixing traditional surfboard colour schemes with eccentric floral patterns.

After completing the first set of boards for Malibu, Gulf Stream was soon asked to make a further nine boards for an installation at Ted Baker's Hilton-brand hotel in Bournemouth.

Following that, the small company was then tasked with making a further five boards, which have now also been shipped to Malibu for the new store.

"We have been maxed out all summer," Jose said. "But it has been really fun for us. I think you can sometimes get used to what we do.

"Because we do custom boards we can do some very bizarre, off the wall, unusual boards. I think we were prepared for strange, which is great, but it has been very interesting."

In addition to making its custom-made boards in Woolacombe, Gulf Stream also has a shop in Braunton where it has been selling boards for the past 22 years.

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