Ethical fashion house Zady launched its own private label back in August 2014. On Tuesday, the company expanded its range to include a selection of menswear pieces.

The menswear collection will launch with only a few essential products — an alpaca sweater for $165 and two classic button-downs in two colors for $135 each.

"Slow fashion" (the opposite of fast fashion) label Zady uniquely offers the manufacturing process for all of its products online. The company also debuted a successful Essentials Collection for women last month, which includes seven tops and one coat and ranges from $45 to $300.

Zady's new sustainable menswear

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According to WWD, Zady uses sustainable alpaca fiber from a mill in Peru for its popular sweaters. The unique material doesn't require dyeing for some natural colors, resulting in less water pollution. Also, alpaca is considered a lower-impact fiber because of the way that the animal eats grass (like a lawnmower), which is better for the land.

The label's .01 style womenswear sweater — which is similar to the new men's pull-over product — sold out on the site within 48 hours. Additionally, over 1,000 names were on the waiting list until it returned to the e-commerce platform last week.

In related news, Zady also began an Instagram series in August as an out-of-the-box way to educate consumers about the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the planet. Every Tuesday, Zady still shares a new post on the social media platform featuring a "shitty" fact, which the team found through research that was done for its Essentials collection.

"While Instagram is full of vivid imagery and images of lightheartedness, we wanted to use this channel as way to provide a serious tone through elegantly crafted images. This is one of our most engaging platforms, and we thought of it as a great way to distribute hard-hitting facts on the fashion industry that many are unaware of," Zady co-founder Maxine Bédat told us at the time.

"The goal is to create engagement and awareness. These posts have a weight with them that carries a dialogue with our followers in the comments section. It is our most engaging post within our community," she added.

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